We do not have a tool to tell us where to specifically focus or to indicate whether we re improving the health of our teeth and gums or not.

We both graduated from City University in July 2015 and that summer we started our mission to get this technology into the hands of people and take the skills we learnt during our Biomedical Engineering degree and use it to create a positive impact.

The user will immediately be shown where their inflamed gum and plaque areas are located as well be provided with personalised care in order to help the user improved.

Our mission is to improve the oral health of individuals globally using digital technology.

The dental sector has been standstill for far too long and we aim to positively disrupt this ancient system by providing the world s first immediate digital check-up in the hope that the unbelievable statistics associated with poor oral health drop.

We aim to re-create the way everyone takes care of their teeth and we would love you to join the PlaqueChecker team, so please subscribe to follow our journey on www.plaquechecker.com and follow us on Twitter- @PlaqueChecker.

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