If you run your own small business, then you likely wear many hats.Most small business owners do the work of two or three employees.

That's why you re likely always interested in finding new tools that can help make your life easier.This article will help you do so by introducing you to some new apps that will allow you to better manage your time and your business.

Operator is a much talked about app that was launched by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp s incubator.With Operator, you can get a virtual assistant to do things like send thank you gifts, book your flights, book dinner reservations, or do a number of business or personal shopping tasks that would otherwise take up your time.By getting an app to do this work for you at a relatively low cost, business owners are better even able to leverage their time toward things that will actually help improve or increase your company s performance.Related Article: Game Changers: 20 Essential Online Tools to Use in 20162.

Backed by some of the same people who created Netsuite, the PocketSuite app lets you accept credit card payments, 2.5 percent processing fee, send mobile invoices to clients and set up customer auto-billing.But far from just being another payments app, PocketSuite also helps you schedule client appointments, set up and sell service packages,  and send automated text reminders for appointments, all while integrating with iCal and Google calendar.

For those business owners who require customers sign contracts, it allows you to import and send contracts to clients, request e-signatures, and send questionnaires and evaluations.With a number of other features too numerous to list, PocketSuite promises to help freelance workers, and small businesses integrate and consolidate their work using just one app.

In fact, it was voted by Forbes as the "Best App for Solopreneurs" and featured by Apple as one of the "Best New Apps.

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