At 17, he ran a PC distribution service in Europe, and once he moved to the US, he joined a web hosting company called Internet Communications as one of its early members.During his time at Internet Communications, Gorny says he had to work multiple part time jobs to make money for all the prepayments on his car and rent.

He was left with a car and less than $10,000 in the bank.

It was a web hosting service catering to small businesses, and because it made it cheap and easy to launch websites, IPOWER quickly took off.

Gorny was one of the largest individual shareholders at the time of the sale.Gorny is now wealthy and successful.

But I feel haven t done anything yet compared to what my companies will do in the future," Gorny says.Lessons learnedThrough all the ups and downs, Gorny says he was able to learn valuable life lessons that would apply to any business.

Don't waste your time being stressed working with people you don't like.

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