The Ferrari 458 Speciale is already a rare sight, reserved only for buyers with the deepest of pockets.

While the car keeps the same engine and chassis of the "standard" 458 Speciale, the exterior was designed by Ferrari Special Projects and all the work was done in-house.

Two of the most noticeable changes are the addition of air intakes on the sides, and the A-pillars being painted black, in turn creating a "visor" look where the windshield seemingly transitions into the side windows.

Combine these with some very aggressive new lines, and it's easy to make comparisons with the new Acura NSX and Ford GT.

Other unique touches include composite carbon-fiber bumpers on the front and rear, a new rear spoiler, new wheels, and, of course, the Italian flag-themed tri-color stripes running down the middle.

While Ferrari didn't reveal any other details about the buyer or how much the 458 MM Speciale cost, it's easy to see that what they've created is something priceless.

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