Negative interest rates, protracted and chronic housing shortage has received in the Swedish housing prices skyrocketed and debt by Swedish families.

Nordea, the country's central bank monetary policy has helped push up mortgage costs by 25 percent over the last 18 months, but for the new loan, the applicant offered to the interest rates has stalled.

Debt is however so large, that the Swedish financial supervisor would like to set the household loan ceiling of 600% in revenue.

the most Recent data according to the new mortgage loans to beneficiaries of more than 600 per cent gearing ratio in percentage seems to rise 26 percent.

the Swedish Finansinspektionenin director Erik thedee, I hope that the bank would first apply more stringent loan criteria.

"Vulnerability is considerable, if the debt-to-income ratio is 600, 700 or even 800%", Thedee said Bloomberg.

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