Updated Last week, a Cisco reorganisation switched three of its big names to advisory roles: this week, they've left the company.

The individuals involved are Mario Mazzola, Prem Jain, Luca Cafiero, and Soni Jiandani were referred to as MPLS within the company Cisco was an early contributor to the protocol of the same acronym .

Under previous CEO John Chambers, Mazola, Jain and Cafiero were responsible for a number of spin-in acquisitions stretching back to the 1990s: they would set up a company with Cisco financing to develop products, and get wrapped back into the company once they'd shown results.

Marketwatch quotes an internal memo from Robbins that a disconnect regarding roles, responsibilities and charter … came to light immediately after the announcement .

In May, Robbins had to put a brave face on flat revenue across the whole company, with switching down three per cent year-over-year for the quarter ending in April, and routing down by five per cent.

Cisco has contacted The Register to confirm that all four in MPLS are leaving on June 17.

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