DIY website building service has launched a new artificial design intelligence ADI service to automate the process of building websites.Founded out of Tel Aviv in 2006, Wix has so far served as an easy-to-use web development platform aimed at helping novices build HTML5 sites using drag-and-drop tools rather than code, while offering complementary services such as web hosting.

Now with Wix ADI, the Tel Aviv-based company is looking to make creating websites even easier by using data garnered from its existing user base to feed into its new AI offering.

It is free to use in itself, but it s subject to the usual subscription plans that vary in price depending on the required bandwidth, storage, and other personal preferences.Though many professionals have questioned the credibility of DIY platforms that promise to turn noobs into designers and coders, going the extra mile and getting machines to carry out the remaining spadework will likely raise even more eyebrows.

But as with all these things, it really depends on what the use cases are — many small businesses and freelancers don t need a feature-rich website that is 100 percent authentic and on brand.

The creator basically answers a few questions and provides the platform with cues as to what the company is and what category it exists in, and then Wix ADI pulls in relevant photos, words, and layouts based on the business type and location.Users can then choose to customize elements of the site once it s complete.

As for Wix, well, it went public on the Nasdaq back in 2013 and last year claimed revenue of more than $200 million.Wix ADI has been in the works for years, and it follows a number of similar initiatives that have sought to bring AI into traditional human-centric industries, such as drug discovery, customer service, stock photography, and database management.

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