Indeed, upcoming products from nearly all handset manufacturers are routinely subjected to an endless stream of conjecture and speculation.

What s especially interesting is that iPhone rumors were all the rage even years before Steve Jobs unveiled the device to the world back in 2007.

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On August 19, 2002, John Markoff of The New York Times penned an article wherein he said that Apple was already contemplating the development of a phone.

And now come signs that Mr. Jobs means to take Apple back to the land of the handhelds, but this time with a device that would combine elements of a cellphone and a Palm -like personal digital assistant.

Certainly, Apple s push into the market for a hand-held communicator would be an abrupt departure for Mr. Jobs, who continues publicly to disavow talk of such a move.

As a prime example, look no further than the iPhone 5s, a device that brought fingerprint recognition technology and 64-bit mobile processors to the mainstream.

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