Many people are becoming more conscious of how much waste they produce, and that awareness leads to a secondary issue: we realize how many things in life lack a less-wasteful alternative, and toothpaste is one such thing.

Sure, you could concoct homemade and therefore packaging-free toothpaste at home out of baking soda and some other ingredients, but it's going to taste vile.

The alternative?

Because regular toothpaste comes in tubes, and those tubes, once empty, are thrown away, only to spend the next 500 or so years slowly decomposing in a landfill somewhere.

Poppits seems a little strange at first because it's different, but the idea that a tube of toothpaste you used as a kid will still be in a landfill a few hundred years after your death is stranger.

There is also a kids version available that appears to come in three colors with three fruit flavors.

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