The awesome EHang 184 passenger-carrying flying machine first hovered into view at CES 2016, impressing many with its absurdly simple method of operation put simply, you don t have to do anything .

The hope is that one day the so-called drone taxi could become part of the state s transportation system.

The Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems NIAS , a state nonprofit group sponsored by the Governor s Office of Economic Development, will help the Guangzhou-based firm test and develop the machine, the LV Review-Journal reported.

That s right – there s no joystick, buttons, or levers to worry about.

The 184, which gets its name from having one passenger, eight propellors, and four arms, stands about 4.9 feet 1.5 meters tall and weighs around 440 pounds 200 kg .

Hu believes his creation has a shot at making a global impact across dozens of industries beyond personal travel, adding, The 184 is evocative of a future we ve always dreamed of and is primed to alter the very fundamentals of the way we get around.

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