Buying storage more on $/TB metric could become popular

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Storage architect If you ve ever had to scope out and purchase enterprise storage, you ll know what a nightmare it can be.

Consider also the issue of adding more hardware e.g.

More recently both Kaminario and Pure Storage have introduced schemes to take some of the headache away from the traditional three or four year buying cycle schemes called Perpetual Array and Evergreen Storage, respectively .

In reality, though, things are more complex:

Adding storage into existing scale-up solutions is disruptive and exposes risk.

Capital exposure again – if storage vendors do a true capacity on demand model, then hardware has to be priced as an operational expense, however this creates accounting issues for the vendor in recognising revenue sometimes not allowed until the end of a deal .

Solid state disks SSDs have a finite write lifetime and no-one is going to want to re-use second hand SSDs, even if the vendor warrants them, as the failure rate would expose more risk.

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