People use WeChat to pay rent, locate parking, invest, make a doctor s appointment, find a one-night stand, donate to charity.

The crowd is mostly young, a mix of Chinese and expatriate, and the mood is festive.

Two sheets of paper taped to the table each bear a pixelated QR code: Scan one to become a teacher, scan the other to become a student.The Chinese term for this ritual, sao yi sao, quickly becomes familiar.

FitTime charges 1,000 yuan for 28 days, and more than 5,000 people have signed up for at least one month.

The company wasn t first with electronic hong bao; that would be Alipay, the payment platform from Alibaba.

For Chinese New Year 2016, 516 million people delivered 32 billion red envelopes.Midmorning, I go to the Global Mobile Internet Conference in the China National Convention Center.

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