69 postcodes are currently eligible for the service, and although Amazon hasn't published a list of all of them, you can easily find out if you're Fresh-compatible by visiting the website.

Amazon has partnered with supermarket Morrisons and says it will offer around 130,000 products as part of the service.

While Pantry does indeed let you order food and household items to your doorstep, the key word that differentiates the two services is "fresh".

AmazonFresh will cost an additional £6.99 per month for existing Prime members - a membership that costs £79 a year, we should add.

Same-day deliveries for orders over £40 are free, otherwise you'll have to pay a £4 delivery fee.

A 500ml tub of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream costs £2.50, while it's £3.85 to order from Sainsbury's and £4 from Tesco.

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