As well as boasting top-of-the-line performance and stability, the range will soon welcome the company s first SSD with a capacity of 1920GB.

The Neutron Series XTi is squarely aimed at users who require large amounts of storage that can be accessed quickly and reliably.

These SSDs are also reportedly capable of delivering 4K random reads at a rate of 100K IOPS, and 4K random writes at a rate of 90K IOPS.

Power loss protection and advanced SmartFlush and GuaranteedFlush technologies also help ensure that the Neutron Series XTi can deliver professional-grade reliability and peace of mind.

The line is also set to offer standout efficiency, with power consumption as much as 95 percent less than standard HDDs.

The Neutron Series XTi is available now, with the 240GB drive priced at $90, the 480GB drive priced at $160, and the 960GB priced at $330.

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