Warner Bros. detailed a number of major expansions it has in store for its multi-platform action game Lego Dimensions, revealing that characters from films including Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and The Goonies will soon join its playable cast.

The publisher revealed that 30 of the world s most popular entertainment brands will team up with Lego Dimensions by the end of 2017, giving players access to dozens of new characters and themed levels.

Developer TT Games will also introduce new gameplay elements for Lego Dimensions in the coming months, including a four-player competitive Battle Arena mode and movie-specific Story Packs that will provide deep, story-driven gameplay around the biggest theatrical releases and include a fresh Lego brick-building experience.


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Similar in approach to Activision s Skylanders series and Disney s recently retired Disney Infinity franchise, Lego Dimensions allows players to summon in-game characters by scanning plastic figures equipped with RFID tags.

Warner Bros. will begin rolling out new Lego Dimensions content in September with the launch of a Ghostbusters Story Pack, which adds new characters and vehicles for use within a complete movie-based gameplay experience with six puzzle-packed levels.

Warner Bros. notes that additional characters, levels, and Story Packs will be released in product waves stretching into the summer of next year.

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