We may have increased our dating pools with apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, but there seems to be a direct correlation between the number of available singles and the likelihood of going on a very, very bad date.

Because, of course, the only thing you ll want to do to escape your current bad date is go on a new date and just hope for the best .

The geo-location-based app is described as the mop-up crew for all the other dating sites and apps by giving the dater an OK to leave and find someone that s potentially a better match.

With modern technology s capabilities, the dating industry has a responsibility to help people make the best use of their time, money, and energy — things that all get wasted while on a bad date, said Jennifer Kelton, the founder and CEO of Bod.

When you download the app, you can enable Date Mode, making yourself discoverable to other local app users you can define your radius in the settings of the app .

So if you re constantly on the lookout for an escape route on a date, consider downloading Bod for the chance to meet other flighty individuals and an opportunity for romance.

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