Not everyone has the space for a full-sized TV or sound bar in their bedroom, den, or motorhome.

In short, you re limited to where you can use this thing.

As such, it comes with a remote, which I think you ll quickly grow to hate.

Black in color and wafer thin, it s pretty much designed to be lost down the cushions of a sofa or chair as soon as you set it down for the first time.

With its 30-watt amplifier, dual 2.0-inch transducers, and the pair of bass ports baked into the speaker s endcaps, the Boost TV sounds pretty good—but it doesn t sound great.

During the final star-fighter battle in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, for example, I noted that much of the mid- and high-frequency noise got lost in the low-frequency sound that the speaker was cranking out.

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