The episode opens on another performance of the play about the life and death of King Joffrey, as Lady Crane playing Cersei Lannister gives a monologue about her desire to avenge her son.

Arya s strange dream is put on hold, however, as The Waif catches up to her, murdering Lady Crane while Arya sleeps.

She leads her pursuer into a dark tunnel where she has stashed her sword.

He lets Edmure return to Riverrun and, once inside, Edmure s first declaration is for his men to lay down their arms.

He eventually tracks down the last of them, a man wearing a yellow cloak, and finds him with a rope around his neck.

After some haggling, Sandor gets the right to kill two of the three men facing execution, though he must do so by hanging them, for the Brotherhood likes to do things by the book.

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