Apple Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared "the future of

television is apps.

What you want is,

more likely than not, is a universal search and suggestion

mechanism that fetches you the right content - as fast as

possible.Apple understands this, or at least seems to given how much

its recent tvOS updates have focused on Siri.AppleThe updatesOn Monday, Apple announced a few updates that make the

Apple TV less of a set of apps and more of a unified TV

experience.The most prominent is called "single sign-on."

While Apple

didn't go into the details of exactly how it will work, the basic

problem it's meant to solve is that no one likes signing into

every Apple TV app associated with their cable account FX, CNN,

and so on .

You'll be

able to sign in once and then get access to all the associated

apps although it's unclear exactly which are compatible .


we see Apple working to make its apps less siloed.Another feature in this vein was "live tune-in," which will let you tell Siri

to drop you into supported live channels like ESPN 2 the example

Apple gave .

"Apple keeps saying the future of TV is apps, but what it

really seems to mean is that the future of TV is a universal,

Siri-based interface that can connect you to any content you want

to watch.

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