A few minutes later we were all watching a trailer for a new project featuring the Walking Dead's Norman Reedus.

Before this descends into a GCSE English Literature paper, note this is relevant as we go straight from that message into a shot of lots of dead crabs.

We swiftly move away from crabs to another recurring image, from death and decay to handprints and babies.

This is where the themes of VULNERABILITY, REBIRTH, PARENTAL ANXIETY, LOSS and FEELING TRAPPED are shoved in our faces with all the subtlety you expect from a Kojima game.

The concepts of death and rebirth feature strongly throughout the trailer

Before he has a chance to properly cry about the baby he's picked up, his hands are covered in black oil and teeny tiny baby handprints are making their way down his leg and towards a bunch of dead fish.

Norman has a big ol' nasty scar in the shape of a cross.

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