The 2016 Ford GT race car right lines up next to the 2004 Ford GT and ahead of the 1966 Ford GT40

On 18 June, Ford will line up four of its new GT race cars on the starting grid at Le Mans, with the famous 24-hour, 5,000km race ahead of them.

It was 1963 and Henry Ford II, son of the company's founder, attempted to purchase Ferrari, which had won Le Mans in four of the previous five years.

Ford GT40s like this one finished first, second and third at the 1966 24 hours of Le Mans

Ford then pumped resources into research and development, turning the mid-sixties into one of the most technologically innovative periods motor racing had ever seen.

The GT40 name then disappeared and, because it was never trademarked, fell into the hands of Surrey-based Safir Engineering, which built replica GT40s in the 1980 and 1990s.

But as the limited-run supercar was being prepared for sale, Safir Engineering, which was now selling spare parts for original GT40s, wanted $40m £28m for the name.

Here, among a collection of everything from the Model T, to the newest Mustang and everything in between, we were greeted by two original GT40s insured for £5m each, but used regularly , two Ford GTs and the GT racer show car.

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