Image: AspireAssist

Though it bears some resemblance to a Tim and Eric sketch, the AspireAssist is a very real medical device, approved by the FDA for installation in people 22 or older with a body mass index of 35 to 55, and who have failed to achieve and maintain weight loss through non-surgical weight-loss therapy.

It s a bit like a colostomy, but instead of poking a portion of the stomach through the skin, a tube is installed connecting the stomach to a skinport outside the body.

Shortly after eating, patients are supposed to connect the skinport to an outboard device and a bag of water.

It goes like this:

Open valve

Drain food into toilet

Force water back into the stomach

Repeat for five to ten minutes until up to 30% of your meal is gone

Aspire advises patients to chew carefully and eat mindfully ... you know, to keep the tube from getting blocked with food bits.

It s not known if patients at the end of the treatment were able to keep off the weight they d lost—one of the biggest problems in weight loss.

The CDC estimates the number of adults with obesity at almost 29 percent of the US population.

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