Many software as a service SaaS apps have limited visibility and control options; however, SaaS adoption is becoming pervasive in organisations, which exacerbates the frustration of security teams looking for visibility and control.

Endpoint Detection and Response

The market for endpoint detection and response EDR solutions is expanding quickly in response to the need for more effective endpoint protection and the emerging imperative to detect potential breaches and react faster.

The correlation of the analyses across various entities makes the analytics' results more accurate and threat detection more effective.

To address this, there is an emerging requirement for "microsegmentation" more granular segmentation of east/west traffic in enterprise networks.

Whether security is driven from models, blueprints, templates or toolchains, the concept and the desired outcome are the same -- an automated, transparent and compliant configuration of the underlying security infrastructure based on policy reflecting the currently deployed state of the workloads.

Organisations looking for larger-scale, distributed trust or consensus-based services should focus on trust services that include secure provisioning, data integrity, confidentiality, device identity and authentication.

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