Website visitor counts, page views, video views, impressions and click-through rates are everyday currency to you, and are often the best way to understand the success — or failure — of specific elements of your programs.

In that context, it is helpful to think of marketing metrics as a rising scale:

At the bottom left are the metrics that provide low attribution to the pipeline and are less valuable.

Keep in mind, however, that your objectives and measurements must be tied to the account list for your program.

When you can tie the impact of multiple programs/channels all to your target accounts, you re beginning to demonstrate real ROI.

It s up to you to appreciate each stop along the way, to understand if that detour made good time or led you into interminable delays.

Essentially, what you are constructing for your CEO is a travel guide that hits only the highlights, so your CEO can get to his or her destination as efficiently as possible.

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