It isn't clear exactly why he was suspended by Twitter, but

tweets on the site from several of his fans suggest that the

suspension may have been related to comments he made on a US

radio show on Tuesday.

Here is a selection of tweets from angry, confused people, not

sure why Yiannopolous was temporarily banned: Can someone explain to me why Twitter suspended Milo



- Sophie Thomas @sofitizzle 15

June 2016 ATTENTION: @Twitter has suspended gay reporter Milo Yiannopoulos @Nero after he tweeted against

Muslim hatred of homosexuals.

Milo censorship- GC @gc 4652 15 June

2016 After his account was reinstated, Yiannopoulous tweeted, saying

simply: "I'm back!"

- Milo Yiannopoulos @Nero 15 June

2016 Milo's suspension isn't the first time he has run foul of

Twitter's rules.

Earlier this year, he was described by BI UK's editor-in-chief Jim Edwards as "an egomaniacal, self-styled libertarian provocateur whose

opinions may be as much an ironic performance as they are

sincerely held.

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