photographer: National Portait Gallery, London, painting by Carl Fredrik von Breda.

In the SI system, the result of any physical measurements expressed as a combination of the seven basic units m meters, kilograms kg, seconds s, amps A, K kelvin, mole mole and candela cd.

Some common combinations of these units are given special names and symbols, such as the 1 As 1 ampere second 1 C 1 Coulomb.

Exception: degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit degrees where the word is included in the device name.

Another important combination of SI units that have their own name and their own symbol can be seen metertvå kilograms per sekundtvå.

From there you can see immediately that the energy can be expressed in kilograms multiplied by meters per second squared, that is, the SI unit metertvå kilograms per sekundtvå.

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