So yes, maybe Skyrim can't quite stand up to the depth and breadth of modern RPGs, despite all it can still offer.

Perhaps its godawful hairstyles, temperamental NPCs and weird physics that make cabbages jump off shelves as soon as you approach are all too much for a gamer who's used to nuance and Lara Croft's dynamic ponytail.

What epitomises this best is the relationship between Nathan and Elena, which is handled with remarkable subtlety.

You can go in guns blazing as has been customary for the series, avoid confrontation altogether, or move carefully around the environment picking foes off until the area is clear.

The combat is the best it's ever been in a Naughty Dog game, aided by a choice of approach and traversal but also improvements to the gunplay that make aiming and firing less haphazard, while retaining its frantic nature and challenge.

As the end of Nathan Drake's story, it couldn't have been better handled, and the epilogue – well, it's a scene you won't forget in a hurry.

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