"While inbound marketing generates buzz, combining inbound and outbound marketing produce real business results," said Kevin Bobowski, CMO of Act-On Software.

The "Inbound Marketing Effectiveness Report" report, which surveyed 130 B2B marketers from mostly emerging and midmarket companies, found 84 percent of B2B marketers agreed that inbound and outbound tactics together drive business, debunking the notion that marketers perceive inbound as more important and strategically valuable than outbound.

Indeed, the report said outbound marketing generates 43 percent of a B2B company s annual revenue, while inbound produces 41 percent.

Smaller companies may not believe they have the bandwidth to drive their businesses using both kinds of tactics, the report said.

Social 82 percent , SEO 82 percent , blogging 60 percent , PPC 41 percent and third-party reviews 20 percent are the most popular inbound tactics generally for B2B marketers, while email 90 percent , tradeshow/conferences 62 percent , press releases/media relations 61 percent , webinars/virtual events 52 percent and direct mail 33 percent are the top five outbound methods.

The report said the approach a company takes – whether inbound, outbound or both – doesn t affect which tactics are used, just the degree to which they are used.

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