The sun breaks through the dark rainclouds at dusk in Keyhaven Harbour in The New Forest.

We hope you like your rain/mist/clouds delete as geographically appropriate this morning , and don t feel too let down that today is technically midsummer.

But if you are already a bit sad that the longest day of the year is going to have about four hours of actual sunlight, maybe don t check Facebook.

Photograph: Facebook

Facebook s normal greetings are algorithmically produced, typically involving today s weather for your area and some sort of chipper Californian salutation, but on special occasions, it shows a different message.

The company has previously got in trouble for insensitive algorithmic prompts, and in recent months has stuck to fairly innocuous special occasions like 29 February every four years, February gets an extra day – make the most of it .

Although eyebrows were raised by the company s message for St George s Day Let the spirit of England fill you with pride today and every day , it takes accidentally mocking Britain for having crap weather on midsummer for social media to unite against the greeting.

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