If you ve been a Star Wars fan for a long while, you probably had a lightsaber toy of some sort as a kid, even if it was just a fancy stick you painted neon green.

If you feel that such toy ownership as an adult would be too awkward, ThinkGeek has a grown-up alternative: a trio of screwdrivers with lightsaber hilts.

Officially dubbed the Star Wars Lightsaber Tool Kit, the trio feature handles from Luke s, Vader s, and Yoda s lightsabers.

The toolkit features three screwdrivers, two of which are 8-inches long with a 3/4-inch diameter, and one that is 6.5-inches long with the same 3/4-inch diameter.

They weight about 1.5 ounces.

The third and shortest screwdriver feature s Yoda s hilt — whether that s because Yoda is so short isn t clear, though it looks like the flathead tip is smaller than the Vader screwdriver, making it more suitable for your smaller gadgets.

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