Apple has pulled Grey Singapore's Cannes-winning app, I Sea, from its App Store that claimed to help rescue refugees in the Mediterranean Sea after experts accused it of being a scam.

However, several experts who took a closer look at I Sea's features found multiple holes in the app's claims, particularly its 'live' satellite imagery feature.

After famous Twitter user SecuriTray dubbed the app "feel good bullshit", other experts and developers also began to tear apart the app's claims and uncover how the programme actually worked.

Some users also pointed out that the app asks users to provide detailed, personal information to provide a report including one's passport number.

"All we can say on the developers' behalf it is that the app probably sounded interesting in concept form but failed miserably in execution," Pelton said.

In a statement released on 19 June, Grey Digital says I Sea is still in "testing mode" and admits that the app does not show live satellite images.

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