Instagram has hit a significant milestone today, announcing it has hit 500 million users.

But that s not all — 60 percent or 300 million are logging onto the image sharing social network every single day.

More interesting is the fact that Instagram boasts less than 100 million of those users in the United States; more than 80 percent of its user base resides outside the US.

As Instagram goes deeper to provide value to its users and advertisers, launching analytics to appeal to more brands and attracting more advertisers due to its non-interruptive in-stream appeal, it appears to be a natural fit that more and more people will join, as well as marketers looking to boost their brands on the network.

Fortunately, most of the users aren t particularly bothered by the imagery conveyed in sponsored advertisements.

It s taken the network nine months to hit 500 million from its last announcement of 400 million users, which is indicative of a steady growth pattern of nine to 10 months for each 100 million users, it appears, from the previous jump at 300 million.

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