Starting up and managing a small business is no easy task.Literally every decision you make has far-reaching consequences that impact how your company will thrive into the future.But, among the worst decisions you can make is to allow your small business limited resources to be drained by unnecessary fees and expenses.Below we ll look at two of the worst fees hitting small businesses around the globe.UpWork Has Raised Rates From 8.75 to 20% for FreelancersElance was recently bought out by its rival, UpWork.

While Elance was very generous to freelancers and clients, offering a fair fee structure and minimizing delays in payments, UpWork has managed to tarnish Elance s legacy in recent months.The fees incurred by freelancers using the site to find work went up from 8.75 percent to a whopping 20 percent on initial interactions with clients.

It s truly unfortunate to see a company which was once a cornerstone of the global freelance market give into pure greed.The impact on small businesses is two-fold.

That s just .013 percent.

Arun Ramamurthy, Founder of Credit Sudhaar, stated that In India, we ve seen how access to credit card processing and banking facilities has spurred job creation and broader economic activity.

You ll find ways to improve the bottom-line without negatively impacting your customers.

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