In theory that could all be done using Windows' own optimization tools, the Task Manager and your browser settings, but that would take time that many of us simply don't have to spare.

CCleaner scans your PC's hard drive for files that can be safely deleted to free up valuable space

CCleaner versions

There are four versions of the CCleaner desktop software:

All four will clear your PC of clutter for a speed boost and improved privacy, but the Professional version also includes real-time monitoring, scheduled cleaning, automatic updates and premium support.

CCleaner Free

You'll be keen to dive in and begin optimizing your PC straight away, but before analyzing you drives it's a good idea to take a look at CCleaner's settings.

CCleaner will then begin running through each issue it's found, explaining why it's been flagged up and giving you the option to fix it, skip it, or go ahead and fix everything.

CCleaner can also check for plug-ins in all of your browsers, and analyze your drives to see what type of files are taking up the most room.

The free version is limited to three devices, whereas the Professional edition covers your whole household.

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