An open letter to the tech industry in San Francisco and Silicon Valley

Facebook, Google, Microsoft: Here s why you should follow Apple s lead in not supporting the GOP Convention in Cleveland this July.

The Hippies, the 1960s, India, Steve Jobs, Psychedelics, Burning Man and Millennials

On January 14th, 1967, The Human Be-In was held in Golden Gate Park.

Beat poets took the stage to read poetry, followed by bands such as The Grateful Dead and The Jefferson Airplane.

The Human Be-In represented a passing of the torch from the elder Beats to the next generation, who would become the counterculture of the 1960s — the hippies, yippees, the anti-war movement, etc.

Over 20 years later, Apple s iconic Think Different advertising campaign Here s to the crazy ones... contained obvious echoes to writings of Kerouac and others.

Technology is about connecting people, bringing people together, improving the way we communicate, because the better we build communities, the better we understand one another.

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