For all the new stylistic possibilities warm weather brings, those lewks are not without their downfalls.

But there is one trick, a trick you may even be aware of already, that has changed what happens to my sandal-ridden feet drastically.

Enter Band Aid s Friction Block Stick, a small but perfect item that has at this point probably prevented me from developing literal hundreds of bad blisters.

Your feet stay blister-free, and you don t have to play that fun game where you switch between shoes that don t rub that part of your feet as your gaping wounds heal.

It fits easily in basically any purse, should you worry you might need to reapply after a long day I rarely do , doesn t stain your shoes, lasts forever and is purchasable at any drugstore in the area where, yes, they sell band aids which you won t have to buy anymore, at least for feet blisters!

Image via Band-Aid

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