Everything from startups to large IT companies are facing today's vote made it clear that they are for a bremain - that Britain stays in the EU, it shows both investigations and countless statements.

There, they lifted amongst other things, how important IT companies are London - it works just as many in the technology and information industry where as in San Francisco and San Jose together.

They are dependent on the European market, they stated in the letter that ends with: Our capital has the potential to be Los Angeles, New York and Silicon Valley to the rest of Europe - and create jobs across the whole of England.

- Many distributors in the UK have employees who come from other parts of Europe, especially Eastern Europe, he writes in an email to Computerworld.

He also believes that foreign companies will be more reluctant to invest in the UK and they will carefully calculate how such as trade restrictions, availability of labor affects before taking any decisions.

- The EU has created more legal barriers, not fewer, said Russell Stern, president of the network company Solarflare Communications.

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