Original art from Avengers 2 by Jerome Opeña, 2012

Now that we actually live in a reality where Marvel s Cinematic Universe can call itself home to the most iconic superhero in the world, it s weird to look back at the time when Marvel and Sony s relationship over Spider-Man was a bit frostier than it is now.

Yes to both those questions.

I want to make money.

Knowing that Marvel has such a clear, creative vision, I sleep very well at night.

While it s to be expected—this deal was never just going to be for Civil War, Homecoming, and then cameos in future Marvel films or something—this is the most frank a Sony executive has been about the new status quo staying for the foreseeable future.

We ve had hints already, of course, with the expansion of projects like the Spider-Man animated film, or even beyond the movies to the new deal the two companies have struck over a Spider-Man video game franchise exclusively for Sony s Playstation consoles.

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