ML B2B Marketing

Dennis Syracuse, CMO of Madison Logic, explains how intent data can improve persona targeting

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful, said Mae West, the blondest bombshell of her day.

A study conducted by research and analytics company Ensighten demonstrated that 62 percent or marketers feel that they are overwhelmed by the data they have, while a whopping 85 percent said they are unable to fully apply that data to their marketing programs.

At the same time, prospects are increasingly expecting marketers to provide them with content that is relevant to their unique needs, information that is actually helpful in making a buying decision wherever they are in the buyer s journey.

Data Filters: Persona Targeting

Data filters help B2B marketers narrow their focus, allowing them to define their target audience, and pinpoint exactly who they imagine is their ideal audience.

How often do these individuals move in-and-out of the research phase?

In my next blog post, I ll show you how you can use intent to proactively create hyper-relevant content.

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