If you'd rather stay completely in the dark about Justice League and Rogue One, skip ahead until you see the Dr Strange Lego set.

Newly christened executive producer Ben Affleck has also promised that the film will have more humour, something BvS notably lacked.

Following Superman's sacrifice during the battle with Doomsday at the end of BvS, Batman has had his faith restored and he's trying to redeem himself.

Warner Bros confirmed that the film's primary antagonist will be Steppenwolf, uncle of alien despot Darkseid, who has come to Earth in search of three Mother Boxes.

Story Mission

Mission: Impossible Level Pack: Ethan Hunt, IMF Scrambler, IMF Sport Car, Your mission, should you choose to accept it... Story Mission

Ghostbusters Story Pack: Abby Yates, Ecto-1, Zhu's Chinese Restaurant, Six Ghostbusters levels containing the full story of the new film note: while only Abby comes as a figure, all four main characters are playable in the story levels

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Filming has begun on Sony and Marvel's new Spider-Man movie, and with it has come some more casting news.

As ever we have no clue who any of these people are actually playing, so feel free to speculate all you want.

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