For B2B demand marketers, media has until recently been synonymous with impressions, maybe clicks and hopefully, leads.

The focus over the last several years, however, has shifted to: Impressions are a bonus; I expect leads.

Now on top of the static lead/contact info itself, think of all the added insights aggregated through the analysis of this data:

surging contextual content that illustrates interest in specific topics among individual leads e.g., the number of white paper downloads in a set period of time ;

actions that signal info consumption preferences;

industry trends e.g., sudden bump in, say, cloud computing interest among enterprise companies ; and

changes in account info e.g., human capital jumps between companies .

The future of media is full-funnel data support

The major takeaway here is that media companies are no longer chained to top-funnel activities.

It ll certainly help you prioritize lead nurturing and sales follow-up.


Scott Vaughan is CMO of Integrate, a cloud-based, closed-loop marketing software provider, where he leads the company s go-to-market and marketing strategy focused on serving its growing customer base of marketers.

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