When drivers launch their Uber app, they are now able to touch an icon that goes directly to their Pandora account and bring up any stations they have already created.

This integration, which will allow drivers to play music on Pandora from directly within the Uber app, and will make it easier for drivers and riders to listen to the music they love, said Bob Cowherd, senior product manager for music and media, Uber, in a statement announcing the deal.Financial terms weren t disclosed.The move comes as Uber is spending more on expanding into new markets and trying to entice riders away from other ride-hailing rivals such as Lyft.

Uber currently has a partnership with Spotify that let s riders access their accounts with the music-streaming provider during their rides, and will soon offer a similar music-listening option from Pandora.For Pandora, getting in front of as many potential listeners remains key to its business strategy.

Pandora s own Music Genome Project then identifies similar characteristics of songs in order to determine what music to play.But even though it has about 80 million subscribers, the majority of those choose to listen for free, with a few ads thrown in every hour.

The company is facing growing competition from the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, with their monthly on-demand subscription fees, and as such, Pandora is pouring money into creating its own subscription service that will launch later this year.It s easy to see why Pandora would seek out deals with the likes of Uber.

Swinburne said Pandora is in a position to negotiate favorable deals with music labels for the on-demand rights to songs that will both leave its core business economics largely unchanged, and enable it to make money in on-demand music streaming over the next few years.

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