The PoetiX challenge asked programmers to create software that can write a sonnet based on a single noun or noun phrase prompt.

The sun warms it and with a little time

Another slight leaf joins its neighbor,

They crown slowly and birth without labor

Feeding on the air s breath like a rhyme.

A thousand pictures on the kitchen floor,

Talked about a hundred years or more.

For Joy has no illusions of a break;

She brooks many ill fusions of extremes,

And shares her light till few suns could compete;

Her binding love makes twos ones and keeps peace.

So best not make a strumpet of this Joy,

Assert that she pays some debt with her smile,

Or name to her a numb set of stale sparks;

She never has succumbed yet, bless her heart.

Number one was written by a human named Ivy Schweitzer and number three was written by a human named Kurtis Hessel.

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