Nonetheless, data is drastically reshaping the B2B industry, causing marketers to adopt new strategies and evolve away from reliance on outdated methodologies and metrics.

Over the last few years, big data has been increasingly recognized as a resource for making better-informed business and operations decisions.

However, with the onset of big data there has also been a fundamental change in the way data has to be viewed and managed.

B2B marketers require comprehensible and applicable data in order to improve their results and ultimately drive growth for their company in a profitable, predictable and repeatable way.

Data also helps to eliminate the blanket cold calling that has made people shy away from ever answering their phones and leaving sales reps to play phone tag, instead of actually calling the prospects that matter and are in-market for their product.

Making data work for you

Ultimately, B2B marketers are looking for a solution that will help them drastically improve their sales cycle and produce a better return on investment ROI than the solutions that they are currently or not currently using.

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