On the panel we have:

Greg Boser, Foundation Digital

Todd Friesen, Director of Digital Strategy & SEO, Salesforce

Laura Lippay, Organic Search & Technical Optimization Lead, Netflix

Adria Kyne, SEO Manager North America & AU/NZ, Vistaprint

As Sullivan put it, This is the session where we answer all of the questions that Google wouldn t answer yesterday at the AMA With Google Search session .

We recommend limited feature sets to avoid people hanging themselves with too many options.

Sullivan: We had a post on technical SEO last week that caused a lot of tweets.

Big huge brands rank despite their SEO prowess or lack thereof.

But the lower you are down in the food chain, the more important it is to get the tech things right, because Google doesn t care about getting your site right.

Friesen: RankBrain could be substituting did you mean results without you knowing.

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