Wireless earbud headphones are a great concept on paper, but being tiny and separate, you just know that they re going to get lost one day.

Or rather, that one of them will go missing – leaving with you with a single, totally useless earpiece.

Bang & Olufsen has thought things through, though.

The Danish company s new Play H5 wireless earbuds – the first wireless headphones B have ever made – are joined together by a braided cord, while magnets inside each allow the user to click them together when not in use.

That means they can be transformed into a sort of necklace: wear them round your neck for most of the day, then un-click them and put them on when it s time to listen to some tunes.

Constructed mostly of aluminium and rubber, they re resistant to dirt and sweat, so you can sling them on even if you re going for a run.

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