Music streaming service Spotify claims Apple is intentionally making hard update its iPhone app and holding back new features.

The updated app reportedly avoids Apple's payment system altogether, which is permitted, but Apple doesn't allow the use of an alternative payment system within the app.

Spotify sent a letter to Apple's top lawyer this week, bashing the iPhone maker for its anti-competitive business model.

According to Recode, Spotify general counsel Horacio Gutierrez sent a letter to Apple's legal representative Bruce Sewell on June 26 blasting the company for its App store subscription limitations.

" This continues a troubling pattern of behavior by Apple to exclude and diminish the competitiveness of Spotify on iOS and as a rival to Apple Music, particularly when seen against the backdrop of Apple's previous anti-competitive conduct aimed at Spotify … we cannot stand by as Apple uses the App Store approval process as a weapon to harm competitors," wrote Gutierrez.

Spotify dominates the music subscription service world with over 30 million paying subscribers.

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