Kuala Lumpur International Airport, where most business travellers probably use the free Wi-Fi

About 30 percent of senior business managers "have been hit by cybercrime while abroad", according to a survey of 11,850 employed individuals who had travelled abroad for business and leisure in the past year.

The research - which was done by the Toluna research agency for security company Kaspersky Lab - covered 23 countries including the USA and Russia.

The survey says that 44 percent were online by the time they left the airport, and 82 percent of travellers used free but unsecured Wi-Fi services in airports, coffee shops, hotels etc.

"Business people assume their work devices are safer because of in-built security," says Kaspersky, but if not, it's not their problem.

"One in four and more than half of business leaders believe it is the responsibility of the corporation, rather than the individual, to keep data safe.

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