Within 24 hours of one of my SEO clients deciding they were happy enough with their rankings and deciding to pull out of their retainer, one of my other clients had finally finished their 12-month web design and SEO package with their initial provider.

As I was asking myself how can I adapt my business to allow for sudden client satisfaction, my other clients were in the process of having their site migrated to my server.

I arrived at my client s office to begin a day s work, and we checked the rankings for their site.

This at least narrowed the search down, and meant that I could check the source code for the homepage, and see if there was anything odd going on.

Sure enough, there it was:This line of code tells Google and other search engines to remove the website from their index, rendering it unfindable.

It has its time and place in day-to-day web design and marketing, but clearly does not belong on the homepage of a website that is trying to gain traffic and potential customers.

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