It's time we rebooted democracy in our start-up nation, apparently

Alasdair Gray, the acclaimed Glaswegian writer and artist, penned a phrase now engraved on a wall of the Scottish Parliament: Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation.

Michael Gove, the controversial Caledonian Brexiteer, journalist and Conservative politician, has in turn declared his intention to seek the leadership of the Conservative Party and thus become the Prime Minister, to "reboot democracy" in a new "start-up nation".

Delivering his leadership pitch today Gove said: I want this country I love – and which has given me so much – to embrace this opportunity for change with optimism and conviction.

Opposed primarily by Theresa May, who is considered more moderate by the mainstream press and the Conservative Party's masses, Gove stated: We need change to make this country a global leader in education and science, a start-up nation that generates the technologies which will transform this world permanently for the better.

Declaring himself the true candidate for change Gove argued that we cannot meet this historic moment with timidity and caution and fired a shot at May in declaring that the best person to lead Britain out of the European Union is someone who argued to get Britain out of the European Union.

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